Camera Bag Review - K&F Concept® Multifunction Security Camera DSLR Bag.

Shooting with micro four thirds cameras, I want to be able to carry my gear around with me without needing to carry around enormous bags. The lenses , bodies and system are all nice and small, so why should you need a large camera bag? 

I’ve used for some time, a Manfrotto Sling Bag however found I had outgrown it, it was difficult to get to everything so was always taking it off. (which was a chore since it was always over my head across my body) It also had a poor tripod holder… so, in the market for a new camera bag I was keen to find one that wasn’t too small, had a tripod holder and allowed me to easily take it off, open up and get to  everything without messing about.

Welcome to the  K&F Concept® Multifunction Security Camera DSLR Bag.  Bought from Amazon, fulfilled by Amazon UK, I was happy to purchase this knowing I wasn’t putting my trust in a company i’d never used before from ebay etc..  

Build Quality.   The bag is well made, feels solid and exterior material is nice and hardy. I’d have no problems putting this down on the floor or pavement. Comparing with my Manfrotto sling bag i’d rate them similarly.  The Interior is fine, it has a smooth plastic feel to it with sewn in velcro so the addition of dividers is easy. Compared with manfrotto, which has soft fabric allowing the dividers anywhere it’s not quite plush, however it’s no major problem and allows you to wipe clean if it got dirty. I’m also happy with the options for moving and changing the layout of the bag.

Size and Fit

Wearing the bag is nice. It’s small and will only hold a 12inch laptop (or ipad etc) but given it’s smaller size, i’m happy that it feels and sits nicely on my back. It has chest straps that are adjustable for both the size of someones chest, as well as how high up they come on your body. Being a 15stone 6ft gent, I found moving those straps down low felt nicer. It also stops people from ripping the bag from your back.   It does also have waist straps however due to my size, I found they fitted too high around my belly, not something you’re going to get away from on a smaller bag like this… but saying that, if you are hiking, don’t have a larger belly, then you’ll find the additional strapping nice to stop it from moving around. 

I use Olympus Gear, so I managed quite easily to get my OMD E-M1 with battery grip on it to fit. I had attached the 12-40mm F2.8 PRO lens and still had plenty of room to fit directly beneath it, my 40-150mm F2.8 Pro lens too.  If i had a full frame body with 70-200mm f2.8 lens on then i’d have to locate the 24-70mm lens somewhere else in the bag but as it was I didn’t and they fit perfectly down the middle. That leaves space for my Panasonic Lumix 25mm F1.7, Olympus 45mm F1.8 , Flash Trigger, 2 x speedlights and the 1.4x teleconverter. Plenty of space for my Black Rapid Strap too. This is pretty much all the gear i’ll need to take with me on an outing.  In fact there was room also for my spare OMD E-M10 Camera body too. 

The main compartment also has some waterproof pouches that I housed spare batteries, sd cards and various other things like cloths. 

ND Filters, iPad, waterproof cover that comes with it all fit in the zipped compartment on the outside of the bag. plenty of room in there too for flash gels pack as well as my K&F Concept 100mm Square Filters too. I was pleasantly surprised to find a zipped bag with air duster, wipes and brush included in the package. 


Previously with my sling bag from Manfrotto, I found the tripod I use (a travel one) hung too heavy on the side.. with the K&F Concept backpack , you fold out a little pouch to stand one leg on which will take the majority of the weight, and the strap secures it well at the time. I’m very much pleased with that as I won’t feel I have to carry it around with me while clambering up a waterfall etc… 


Overall, It’s a nice bag it’s £43 on Amazon (at time of writing) K&F have obviously spent some time and effort trying to make convenient choices for the design of this bag and an ideal choice for those especially wanting to do some walking with smaller camera systems like Olympus and Panasonic while still being suitable for larger camera systems if you don’t have heaps of large fast lenses.  If you purchase now you can 10% off from amazon with code UKF13026  (code expires in March 31st 2018.)  

This is a pictorial view of the K&F Concept Multifunction Bag. Showing how i use it with my Mirrorless Olympus OMD Camera System. Follow my link for my written review on my Blog. This bag is available from Amazon

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